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Sunday, April 09, 2006



This is a transcript from audio of the meeting today in Windsor, provided by ctblogger:

17-YEAR-OLD KID IN AUDIENCE: Ned Lamont has already stated he will support you if you won the Democratic nomination. And Zell Miller once stated that he would always be a member of the Democratic party. Can you make similar promises?

LIEBERMAN: Will I always be a member of the Democratic party? I hope there's not a primary. I'm confident if there is one, I'll win it. But I'm not going to rule out any other options now, because I feel so strongly that I can do better for the state of Connecticut for the next six years in the United States Senate that I want to give all the voters a chance to make that decision on Election Day in November. I want to do it as Democrat. If I didn't want to do it as a Democrat, I would choose to run in some other party, trust me. But I want to do it as a Democrat because I believe in the Democratic party. So really the choice is up to my fellow Democrats.

The tone of his voice says more than his words ever could. Head over to ConnecticutBlog for the audio.

Joe believes the Democratic party should be fucking honored that he would grace it with his presence. He expects to be treated like fucking royalty, and if he isn't, it is now beyond obvious he will cut and run from the party.

Joe Lieberman is no Democrat.

Joe as martyr? "Forced" to flee the party?
You can check out the WTIC story at

Lieberman shakes everybody's hand. Hilarious.
Fox 61 link didn't work for me, but here's another try.

Also check out Lamont's Face the State interview from earlier today.
Thanks for running my party into oblivion. When are you gonna go start your own commy party and get out of my Democratic Party?
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