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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Convention Talk

...is all over the place today, in the Courant, the Stamford Advocate, the Connecticut Post, and the Norwich Bulletin.

Besides the expectations game (Lieberman is trying to game reporters into thinking Lamont will get a totally unrealistic 30%), the only real news is that Lieberman's camp is now actually publicly accepting the reality that there will be a primary. Delegates from big towns (generally folks who like to think they have a future in the party and therefore don't want to piss off the leadership) sound like they're more likely to hold their noses and vote for Lieberman, while those from small towns and rural areas (whom Joe has ignored repeatedly and can afford to vote their conscience) sound more likely to vote for Lamont. We shall see. Lamont is getting on the ballot either way, and Joe now knows it.

P.S. Check back here (or anywhere in the blogosphere) later tonight for some big news from the campaign...
The secret news is out?

Ned Lamont, who is challenging U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman for the Democratic nomination for senator, will launch a 10-minute campaign film at 7 p.m. today.

It will be shown at La Paloma Sabanera at 405 Capitol Avenue in Hartford, and simultaneously webcast on blogs, including Atrios, ConnecticutBlog, and MyDD. Lamont, 52, is founder and president of Lamont Digital Systems. To view the film, or request a copy, visit www.nedlamont.com

Ah, well, yeah, you got me. :) Tune in at 7pm.
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