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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Running Scared

How else to explain "Friends of Joe Lieberman" paying for letters to be sent to delegates from Harry Reid, Deidre Inardi, and now both State Sen. Edith Prague and the biggest of big guns, Hillary Clinton (click for larger versions):

Joe can spend his millions of dollars on cynical mailers from his insider friends in a desperate attempt to try to prevent a primary, but he will fail, as even his campaign admits today.

None of the above Democrats should even consider endorsing a candidate who still pointedly refuses to rule out leaving his party before November.

And no delegate should even consider voting for a candidate who won't do the same. Period.
excellent work!


PS: I will post more comments over at the Kos diary for this same item.
The DINO King & Queen!

I'm using this hidious visage on my blog and I credited you guys.

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Christopher, publisher
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