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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Lamont Statement on Levin-Reed Amendment

Sen. Lieberman will be speaking shortly on the senate floor on the two Democratic amendments pending before the senate trying to change course on Iraq.

In fact, Sen. Warner (R-VA) actually agreed to let Sen. Lieberman open up the debate for the Republican side in a contentious discussion about time allotments for individual senators which preceded the actual debate.

(Update: Kerry and Feingold - the authors of one amendment - were forced to cut short their speeches at the request of the Sen. Warner who is managing debate for the Republicans. Warner then immediately yielded time to Sen. Lieberman to speak. Yes, Lieberman opened up debate for the Republicans. He opposed both amendments, even the exceedingly moderate Levin amendment, which is co-sponsored by Senators Biden, Clinton, Feinstein, Obama, and Salazar. At the end of his speech, Sen. Warner slobbered all over Joe, basically reading a love letter to him on the floor of the senate, in thanks for his help in killing these Democratic amendments. Santorum, the next speaker up, also fawned over Lieberman. More later.)

Here is Ned Lamont's statement on the Levin-Reed amendment:

Currently, our troops are stuck in a bloody civil war in Iraq, with no exit strategy. The violence continues unabated and the continued presence of our forces with no sign of a reduction fuels the insurgency and further destabilizes the region. President Bush and his allies believe American troops should stay in Iraq indefinitely - he said that it would be an issue for "“future Presidents and future governments of Iraq."

I support the Levin-Reed Amendment on U.S. Policy in Iraq, and I urge Senator Lieberman to do the same.

It represents the minimum needed, but will build a Democratic coalition to establish and stick to a plan to end the war.

The three main provisions of the Amendment - expediting the transition of U.S. forces to a limited mission, a phased redeployment of U.S. forces, and requiring the administration to submit to Congress its plan for continued redeployment beyond 2006 - are all critical to ensuring that the we move forward from our current failed strategy.

This is an issue that needs to be dealt with by the current President and the current government of Iraq. "Stay the course" is not a strategy for any real victory, and it is time that the President and Congress recognize that fact and take the steps needed to ensure true safety and security for the region and for America.

"Stay the course" is not a strategy for any real victory>

there is not now, there never was, and there never will be a 'real victory' in Iraq...

the best thing for which we might reasonably hope it to get thetroops out (or behind revetments) before another 2500 of them get killed, another 20,000 of them get maimed, another 100,000 iraqis get slaughtered...

jeezis fuck, ned...there is no victory when you're the fucking bad guys...
I heard Warner say that. I think his actual words would be valuable to find, it was something like "Lieberman for our side"...
I am listening to him now. What an ass! He is now commenting that this all began in the Clinton years and that the DEM ammendments are basicaly cut and run!

This douchebag needs to be ousted!!

He makes me sick!

Now the GOP are all giving him kudoos and ass kisses!

Great job Joe!!
CT can do better!! Lamont is that better choice!
More significantly, what is Lamont's position on the Kerry-Feingold proposal? Why no endorsement of that?
Lamont stated that thee Levin amendment "represents the minimum needed, but will build a Democratic coalition to establish and stick to a plan to end the war."

I think that's why he specifically took a position on the Levin and not the Kerry amendment.

He wants to build a Democratic consensus on this issue - a very senatorial instinct. While Joe wants to do everything in his power to tear that consensus apart.
I think the best way to know a person is by the company he keeps.

Santorum, Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Bush love Joe.

Need I say more?

Connecticut needs a REAL democrat, who represents the issues and values of REAL Americans.
Let's face it. Joementum has become a de facto member of the Senate Republican Caucus.
At a time when we need to generate ideas for bringing the war to a close, we instead get a cretinized Congressional debate consisting of throwing around meaningless slogans like "stay the course" and "cut and run". And Joe Lieberman is front and center in this cretinization of our politics.
this whole thing smacks of Korea and Vietnam we were going to win
those wars too.Nixon used to talk
about turning over the fighting to
the south vietnam.We spent all kinds of money building their forces up to we know how that turned out.We still have troops in
Korea we hav'ent won nothing since
world war two.I don't care how long
we stay in Irag once we leave its going to turn out the same way Vietnam did.If we ever pulled out of Korea the north Koreans would take it over.When are we going to learn that we can not impose are will on other nations.We are currently stuck in Afhanistan if we pull out the Taliban is just going to take over again.We did'nt
learn anything from what happen to
the Russians there they were there
over five years and what did they accomplish.I quess we right to go into Afhanistan because of Bin Laudin and 9/11 but still don't get
what Irag had to do with it.Afhangnistan is now on the back burner.
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