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Monday, June 26, 2006


Lap Dog

Someone really doesn't like being called George Bush's Favorite Democrat:

"He's wrong and I am offended by it every time he calls me a lap dog for the Bush administration. That, forgive me, is b.s!" says Lieberman.

Update: From Mark Pazniokas in the Courant, we find out that being called on an outright lie in an attack mailer is just a little "quibble" to Joe:

Lieberman had fired his own salvo over the weekend, falsely claiming in a mailing to Democrats that Lamont's campaign is being run by a former Republican state chairman.

Lamont's campaign is being run by Tom Swan, a liberal Democratic activist. Swan did hire Thomas D'Amore, a former GOP chairman and aide to former Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr., as an adviser - and that was close enough for Lieberman.

"That's a real quibble, isn't it?" Lieberman said. "A former Republican state chairman is playing a central role in the Lamont campaign."

(Except he's not a Republican, and he's not playing anything close to a "central role" in the Lamont campaign.)
But Joe, "LAP DOG" was being kind!

"Torture Apologist" -- now that's a bit more cutting...and not B.S. now is it?

Fuck this "we have redefined torture" --- that's the bullshit! The United States of America was there decades ago leading the way when the community of nations defined torture, and someday, if God does Bless America, we will once again be a respected member of that community helping to repair the damage of 2001-2008.
Here's an artist's rendition:

Was Joe referring to Ned Lamont with that statement? Did Lamont ever in fact refer to Lieberman as a "lap dog"? I'd like to see the quote, because that doesn't sound like something Ned would say. I'm guessing Joe picked it up from somebody else commenting on the campaign, like maybe one of those terrible awful lefty bloggers! :)
in the underdog ad
More like Bush's favorite lap dancer.
Lapdog is a compliment compared to what I usually call Joe.
Joe Lieberman rapes small boys on the weekend.
oh. Actually I meant to write, Joe Lieberman doesn't rape small boys on the weekend.

Such a quibble isn't it? Over one little word?
Part of Lamont's appeal is that he is a gentleman, and I doubt he would use a word like "lapdog". Lieberman is not a gentleman.
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