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Thursday, July 27, 2006


5th Town Passes Anti-Lieberman Resoultion

Greenwich, New Britain, Norwalk, Hamden Hampton... and now Willington, according to Christine Stuart at CT News Junkie (hat tip CLP):

The day following former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Connecticut in support of U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic Town Committee in Willington called a special meeting to pass a resolution asking Lieberman to support the winner of the Democratic primary and withdraw his petition to run as an independent candidate should he lose the Aug. 8 primary to his challenger, Ned Lamont....

The DTC in Willington is moderate to conservative with no “wild-eyed liberal leanings” and is generally leery of anything controversial, so for them to pass a resolution is a pretty big deal, [Willington DTC co-chair Mark Palmer] said.

Palmer said even the Republicans in town want to know more about Lamont, so “Joe must have overstepped some invisible boundary,” that the polls just won’t pick up.

Also in this piece, more comedy from Steinfels:

She said she doesn’t even know which campaign volunteers, if any, are working on collecting signatures for an independent bid because “it’s just no ones focus.”

“As far as I know there’s no one in any of the offices doing that,” Steinfels said.

While Steinfels is now either unable or unwilling to clearly answer this question, she had previously stated that campaign volunteers would not be collecting signatures (from the Stamford Advocate, July 11th):

"Our campaign manager down to every last intern remains completely focused on winning Aug. 8. The folks collecting the signatures will be those 25 longtime friends and supporters of the senator," said Lieberman spokesperson Marion Steinfels in a phone interview.

So are Lieberman campaign workers collecting signatures to create the Connecticut for Lieberman party or not?

Are Democratic donors paying for Joe Lieberman to hire workers to collect signatures to help him leave the Demcoratic party? How much do they earn per signature? So many questions...

Full text of the resolution below the fold:

On July 25, 2006 at a special meeting, the Willington Democratic Town Committee passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS Connecticut Junior Senator Joseph Lieberman has announced his intention to run as a candidate of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, should the Senator lose next month's Democratic primary and,

WHEREAS Senator Lieberman continues to ask for support from Willington members of the Democratic party,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Willington Democratic Town Committee hereby deplores the intended action by Senator Lieberman to run against the Democratic nominee for United States Senate, if that nominee is not Joe Lieberman and,

FURTHERMORE, The Willington Democratic Town Committee urges each Willington Democrat to contact Senator Lieberman and ask him to either withdraw from the Democratic primary forthwith or pledge forthwith to support, without obstruction, the choice of the Democratic Party voters on August 8.

Willington Democratic Town Committee, July 25, 2006

Mark Palmer Co-Chair
Robert Jellen Co-Chair
Kathleen Pacholski Vice-Chair

I contacted Senator Lieberman's campaign to find out where I could sign the petition and was told they were not collecting signatures.... yet.
Wait, he needs 7500 valid sigs, right?

300 per volunteer? Or rather, 500 per volunteer, counting for bad ones?

So each one of these "25 longtime friends and supporters," each in government or having a job or some such, is personally going to persuade 500 people to give up their party registration to become a member of the "Connecticut for Lieberman Party," entirely in their spare time, with zero coordination from the campaign?

I call bullshit. Next time you see a petition going around for the Lieb, get a snapshot of the collector -- bet you a dollar they're not one of "the 25."

Marion needs to be called to the mat on this, hard. "It's just no one's focus." Right. Let's make it someone's focus, then.
BTW - Joe Lieberman is asking lifelong Democrats to leave the Democratic Party to help thwart the will of primary voters.

How exactly does that make him a "good Democrat" again?
Hampton DTC also passed this kind of resolution -- http://hampton.smartcampaigns.com/node/228

Hey, my horse lives in Hampton, so give that small town that went for Lamont some kudos.
Just a quick correction:

The other four DTCs passing similar resolutions should have noted "Hampton" not "Hamden." It was a phone interview so "Hampton" probably sounded like "Hamden." Apologies to fellow 35th District Hampton DTC.
That's what I was thinking was the case... thanks for the correction.
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