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Monday, July 31, 2006


Dan Gerstein: Official Smear Campaign Manager?

Greg Sargent writes about Lieberman's slimy race-baiting flyers at TPMCafe's Election Central. And who did he get to go on the record representing the Lieberman campaign? None other than Lieberman adviser Dan Gerstein:

Dan Gerstein, an adviser to Lieberman speaking on behalf of the campaign, confirmed that the campaign was behind the flyer and defended the tactic.

"We're surprised that the Lamont campaign wants to make an issue of this," Gerstein told Election Central. "This flyer simply states the facts, and in particular repeates a very questionable statement Mr. Lamont made which raises many questions he has yet to answer. If he's so concerned about discrimination, why didn't he resign from this club before he became candidate for u.s. senate? Also, what are the policies at the club and why won't he answer that question?"

But the Lamont campaign dismissed the tactic as a dirty trick. "We have been consistently disappointed with Senator Lieberman's tactics throught the campaign," Lamont spokesperson Dupont-Diehl said. "We prefer to focus on the issues."

Gerstein had previously been caught by Sargent shopping around anonymous quotes questioning Lamont's support among Jews, and claimed he was an "informal adviser" who was "speaking for himself". Now he's defending slimy and offensive flyers passed out in parking lots of black churches, speaking officially for Joe.

It seems their previously outsourced smear tactics have now been officially brought under the umbrella of the Lieberman campaign.

Steve Gilliard has more on the flyers.
Another Rovian trick by Dan Gerstein has been to set up a fake "unofficial" blog that supports Lieberman.

lieberdem.blogspot.com is a blog that has a tag line "The (Unofficial) Blog for Practical Progressives". It also carries a disclaimer that "This website is not funded by, authorized by, or affiliated with any campaign or candidate." A boldface lie.

But the reality, hidden from readers is that one of the two "contributors" is Dan Gerstein, now identified as an official Lieberman spokesperson.

Ironically, the blog's newest post is entitled "More Truth on Lieberman's Record" but it pitches this material in the guise of being an independent voice, separate from the campaign. Nowhere on the site is there any ackowledgement that Dan Gerstein is a paid Lieberman flack/hack.
ok, i'm just plugging here, but i think it's nearly relevant. take a look at the many religious faces of joseph lieberman:

babablacksheep: "Lieberdem" just announced that Gerstein has "accepted an official position with the Lieberman campaign".

I guess that they have finally been called out on this duplicity to the point where they have to "sever" Gerstein's ties to the Lieberdem blog. Of course, it's unlikely that the ties will really be severed.

People should drop by Lieberdem and give them a piece of your mind.
Joe is done! There is no argument desired or requested. I see Lamont signs in the front yards of folks in other states. That tells us the people whom Joe was supposed to represent have decided his Bush kissing, Fox shilling, Hannity hugging mug is no longer welcome “Among” the real Democratic Party. He has betrayed the people and the Democratic Party by selling out his principles for political expediency. Selling them to the likes of the faux propaganda group and the G.utless O.ld P.ricks makes me want to vomit! Telling the democratic voter he will run as an independent, if he loses the democratic primary race, is like pissing on my shoe!

This has sent a message to Clinton, Schumer and anyone in the DLC. They had better back off! “We the people” in all parties are getting damn sick of the party bosses in Washington picking our candidates, especially in the primary races. If they don’t stop this attack on democracy they will be the next ones to get the boot!!

Shame on all of you damn “Insider’s Club” Dems who came and prostituted yourselves for the likes of this sell out! We need some spine and not this, I will kiss your butt if you kiss mine.

Attention all congressional Dems you had damn well better start representing your base and tell these treacherous lobbyists that the people will one day get off their asses and vote any sellout of any party to the curb. Shame on the DLC & Co for these gutless patronizations for such an undeserving turncoat!

Kick all lobbyists out of Washington. Straight public financing of elections!
Clean the filth out of congress and put America back on track!
Let Lieberdem toil in obscurity. The commenters are the difference between a meaningful, credible community forum and an asshole ranting on a street corner. We don't need to catapult Gerstein's stupidity into mainstream acceptance for him.

"Look, we've got a blog!"

Riiiiight. They're probably paying him a few hundred thousand to write it and put it together. Sad.
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