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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Fakin' It

Liberal Oasis uncovers, and the official blog confirms, that Joe Lieberman is using a fake Ned Lamont bumper sticker in ads in order to attack Lamont's campaign. Here's a handy comparison:

And it's not like this fake sticker is meant as a joke, or is tangential to the charges in the ad itself. No, the ad - which was played to a national audience in its entirety on the C-SPAN feed of Thursday's debate - centers its charges almost entirely around this entirely fictitious bumper sticker. Watch the video on YouTube (via Spazeboy).

Again. The Lieberman campaign hired someone to create an immaculate fake of a Ned Lamont bumper sticker, in an obvious attempt to deceive voters. They even put a fake URL on it to make it look official. They then produced an attack ad whose charges were based on this fake bumper sticker. And they've been running the ad like crazy ever since. (Although, tellingly, it's not up on Joe's website).

Yet another example of "principled" Senator Joseph Lieberman in action.

This kind of dishonesty is the reason Ned Lamont has a chance in this race.

We've been lied to and sold out by Lieberman, time after time.

This "bumpersticker" shows us all yet again that Wholly Joe cares only about himself and will do whatever it takes to win.
Lamont's ad "Changing Minds" uses Lieberman signs, shirts, and a bumper sticker all with Joe's REAL campaign URL on them.

I have a screen cap up here.
Is it not possible to file some sort of complaint with the CT elections authorities. Surely there are statutes prohibiting such fraud?
Obviously Mr. Lieberman had made his choices carefully. First support W, now run a Rovian Campaign. It has already backfired on him. Sad.
How low will Joe go? Can't get much lower than this.
If a statute has been broken you can complain here:


I would assume the Lamont team already has this information and are aware of the statutes.
How do I get one of those "No More Joe" bumperstickers? I still have a little space left on my bumper and I like the sentiment...
pretty typical republican move. only proves more that joe is a republican in sheep's clothing.

the wolves are at the door, Joe.
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