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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Foreign Policy Questions for Joe

If anyone can get directions to his campaign office (it's apparently a Cheney-esque bunker in an undisclosed location), here are a couple of timely ones to ask that have nothing to do with Iraq:

1. Will he be opposing John Bolton on the floor of the senate this week?

2. Will he rule out accepting any cabinet appointment from Bush in the next 2+ years (which would incidentally likely mean a Republican replacement)?
Did moderate Republican Sen. Bill Cohen rule out recieving a cabinet appointment from Bill Clinton?

No, he brought his perspectives and values to the Pentagon, where he made a terrific Secretary of Defense for 4 peaceful years.
Uh, Lieberblogger, you forget that Cohen was appointed AFTER his senate term ended, which occured AFTER he didn't run for re-election. Cohen didn't ask for a six year term and then cut and run.

And it wasn't peaceful. There were the embassy bombings (plural), the bombing of Iraq, the bombing of Afghanistan, and Kosovo (not to mention the shit-canning of Wes Clark).

And since he became a wannabe pundit, Cohen has used damn near every column inch to make an ass of himself.

The question is still relevant: Is Joe Lieberman asking for a six year gig but open to leaving before the job is done?
That's the real "elephant in the room" -- that Joe's "position of principle" is a thin veneer over a potential SecDef appointment. I think this needs wider airing, and it's a shame that the tag never stuck in local conventional wisdom about the race.

However, here's the question: is it better to pursue him on this, or give him an escape route? Yes, he's displayed an absolute failure of judgement on matters of war and peace, but that fact would be true of any Bush appointee. By pinning him to a "no" on this, it dramatically increases the chance he stays in the race as an independent. So it's a tough call.
Great artice on Ned: http://news.yahoo.com/s/thenation/20060727/cm_thenation/20060814nichols
"2. Will he rule out accepting any cabinet appointment from Bush in the next 2+ years (which would incidentally likely mean a Republican replacement)?"

He should be asked this question. If he wins as a Democrat and accepts a job with the Bush regime he will be replaced by a republican. Democrats will lose a seat.
3. How has the Iraq War contributed to stability in the Middle East? How has the Bush withdrawal from the Peace Process contributed? Isn't the evolving mess in Israel a consequence of Bush policies that you have subserviently supported? Of what use is your vaunted foreign policy experience?
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