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Monday, July 10, 2006


Sen. Leahy Will Support Primary Winner

And he's not too happy about Joe's plans to bolt the party either (from Green Mountain Daily, the VT SoapBlox site):

Leahy: "I'm disappointed that he's talking about running as an independent. He's always run as a Democrat. He has a special responsibility as the Democrat's nominee for vice president. He's always had the support of the Democratic party. He ought to be willing to run as a Democrat. He'll either win or lose the nomination, but if he doesn't win the nomination then I would fully expect the Democratic party to support whoever does win it."

Straightforward, clear, and not too patient with Joe. When asked if announcing his intention to run as an Independent if he loses the primary has hurt him with Democrats:

Leahy: "I think it did and I think it should. I mean, I've had people running against me in primaries and I was proud to run as a Democrat."

Leahy's right, of course. A lot incumbent senators have had to face primary challenges. And they usually win them easily.

Whether they support him or not, many of Lieberman's senate colleagues have got to be furious with him - both with the disastrous campaign he's run and with the mess he's threatening to make of the party in November, all because he's too weak to just run in and win a primary like so many of them have had to do.
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