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Monday, July 10, 2006



It's so nice to see Democrats in senate races nationwide in peace and harmony with each other. It seems Paul Hackett has finally patched things up with Sherrod Brown in Ohio, and will endorse him today, making Sen. DeWine's hold on power that much more tenuous. And over in Washington state, Sen. Cantwell's opponent (who was way behind her in the polls), has dropped out of the primary and endorsed her, making her an even stronger favorite to hold the seat for Democrats.

Ned Lamont has repeatedly said that he will support the winner of the primary in August, because he also believes Democratic unity is of paramount importance this election year.

It's a shame that Sen. Lieberman doesn't.
Great contrast to highlight. Send this off to the MSM.
and notice that ned's new ad does double duty, by not letting joe off the hook by reminding CT dems that joe is being a bad Democrat by his refusal to abide by the decision of CT's Democratic primary voters -

yes, joe finally announced his november indie plans, but his announcement of such does not make such any less reprehensible and any less sleazy and any less disloyal, and I am glad to see that ned is gonna make a big issue of it.

even tho joe is now already campaigning for his november indie run, we need to keep our eye on the ball, which for us is still the dem primary, and a great message for the dem primary is that Joe Lieberman is a bad & disloyal Democrat!
I heard Paul Hackett on the Ed Schultz show today. Ed asked Paul if he lived in CT who would he vote for in the CT Primary. Hackett said he'd vote for Ned Lamont. Ed was a bit stunned. He had claimed that Lieberman clobbered Lamont in the debate. Hackett said that he'd vote for Lamont because of Iraq and Lieberman was instrumental in helping Bush send this nation into an immoral war and occupation.
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