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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Joementum Tour 2006!

Friday! Friday! Friday! It's the Joementum 2006 tour!

After an 18-year absence, he's back in the state for ten days only!

Six towns, six unpublicized events, all the Fleetwood Mac your ears can stand, followed by a few reporters on a campaign bus.

See the senator now... or wait another 18 years!

10:00AM: Pre-tour Press Conference
Lieberman Campaign Headquarters
1800 Silas Dean Highway, Rocky Hill, CT

11:00AM: Stop at Lieberman Headquarters
3 Colony Street, Meriden (Followed by walk down Main Street to the YMCA)

12:15 PM: Nardelli's Grinder Shop
87 Maple Street, Naugatuck

1:15 PM: Sweets and Eats
60 North Main Street, Seymour

2:00 PM: Massimino's Pizza
70 Main Street, Ansonia

4:00 PM: Stop and Shop
259 Bull Hill Lane, Orange

5:00 PM: "Bar"
254 Crown Street, New Haven

This is hilarious. Are the "pesky" bloggers going to welcome him? hahaha
Same schedule, with google map links - My Left Nutmeg

And seriously, I want to see some new faces coming to meet Joe. Lots of people have been wanting to talk to their Senator, but he doesn't hold any public forums--and if he does, he screens the crowd Bush-style.

Tomorrow, I've already made plans to follow the candidate who answers every question and makes his campaign stops public--Ned Lamont.
I'll be on Main Street in Meriden with my camcorder and some questions...
Go get him - please post your footage if you can, and most of all... THANK YOU!!
BAR is hosting Joe? I love their pizza, and now I can never darken their door again. Damn. Bad move, BAR, bad move.
Donnarie, I'd reconsider. After all, Joe's been to O'Rourke's in Middletown multiple times. There's no way I'm letting a "single issue" like that get between me and the omelette of my dreams. ;)
So, Joe's gonna be driving around in a bus for 10 days. This is Day One.

What about the rest of the schedule? Is Joe keeping it a secret, as usual, until the very last minute?

I'd like to meet my Senator (yet again), but I need to plan for it. So Joe, would ya let us in on your secret plans?
Spazeboy..please..id rather get teeth extracted then see Joementum
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