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Monday, July 10, 2006


Monday Morning Round-Up

The debate that will not die:

The new player in this race is Hillary. She needs for Ned and his anti-war supporters to fail so her position in 08 is not weakened. Lanny Davis went after Ned without mercy this weekend on C-Span and you know who he wants in 06 & 08.
Thank you for quoting our blog, No Quarter. It was I who wrote the piece, but I'm glad you named Larry Johnson since he is the heart and soul of the blog.
Sorry, Susan! Corrected.
Please, Ned, come out swinging on the "No Joe" bumper sticker which in Rove-like fashion, Lieberman is trying to accuse you of creating.

Don't let Lieberman "swift boat" you, look at what happened with "turn the other cheek" Kerry.
I agree with Anonymous at 4:20pm. Ned needs to be a boxer, like Sugar Ray Leonard, or perhaps a wrestler, like Dan Gable. He needs to keep up the focus. I was crushed by Kerry's lack of backbone. He might have his reasons for his passivity after the last election - BUT I DON'T CARE. His lack of reaction placated the Bush people.
In case you're interested, there's a good response to David Brooks from Katrina vanden Huevel over at The Nation:

here's a clickable link if you're lazy :)

The vast majority of Iraqi's don't believe that the overthrow of Saddam was a "mistake" or "illegal" or "evil." Alot more Iraqi's went to the polls, percetage wise far greater than Connecticut voters who'll show up in August, for the first time in their lives to empower the Shia and Kurds peacefully for the first time in history. Bush didn't follow the Pentagon's plan to send in enough troops to control the country but Saddam's overthrow was right,just and should have been done in 1991. It's amazing, looking at your site, how so much like republicans you vilify Senator Liberman. I understand Mr. Lamont hasn't been a democrat very long but his web site is so much like a republican one. We're real denocrats up here in New Hamshire who don't exclude moderate, sensible democrats from the party up here. I saw the debate and it was so obvious that Senator Liberman had command of the issues while Mr. Lamont is a wide eyed neophyte who obviously knows little of the Middle East especially Iraq. Sincerely, John s. Hancock
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