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Friday, August 11, 2006


Orchulli Approached About Entering Race

Reports the NY Observer's Politicker:

Orchulli told us late yesterday that he's already been approached by state Republicans about replacing the hapless Alan Schlesinger as the G.O.P. nominee in the Connecticut Senate Race -- and that he'd "make himself available" to do it.

"Should the party decide that they want me, and should Mr. Schlesinger decide that he wants to step aside, I would make myself available to them," said Mr.Orchulli. "If I was in it, it would undercut the perception that Mr. Lieberman has the Republicans, and it would change the dynamic of this whole race."

If a Republican candidate with money (and no Wampum card) were to replace Schlesinger, The Lieberman Party is pretty much toast.

Which is why I don't think this will happen. Both the state and national GOP are better off ignoring Schlesinger and going all-in with the Lieberman Party. The only development that might change their minds is if someone with an actual chance against Lamont in a 2- or 3-way race signaled a willingness to jump in. Orchulli is simply not that person.
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