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Sunday, August 06, 2006


About Ned

Former state Democratic party chair George Jepsen in a must-read Courant column:

I have known Ned personally for two decades. He is intelligent, accomplished and principled. Blessed with a self-deprecating wit, he will be one senator who does not take himself too seriously. A successful businessman who has grown good jobs with benefits in Connecticut, Ned has also repeatedly given back to his community, including teaching underprivileged children as a volunteer in the Bridgeport public schools.

The Lieberman campaign has made Joe’s bipartisanship a hallmark, contending that Ned will be marginalized in the Senate. Unlike Joe, Ned understands that you don’t need to vote with the Republicans to work effectively with them when bipartisanship is needed for good government. Politics is the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable, one mastered by plenty of congressional Democrats, including Joe’s Connecticut colleagues, who have maintained their ideals while building relationships across the aisle.

Cliff Marlow, of New London, who was with Ned during the accident at Sailfest, in the Norwich Bulletin:

"I think the one thing that sticks in my mind about him is that he comes across as a very sincere individual," Marlow said. "There's nothing phony about him. He's a genuine person. It doesn't seem to be acting when he talks with people."

Hector Sanchez, principal of Harding High in Bridgeport, in the same article:

"He came in every Monday for two periods, and he would bring in other speakers, others who started their own businesses," Sanchez said. "He never made a big deal about it. In fact, there were times when you didn't even know he was here. But he saw the talent that was here, all the potential that the kids had. And he made the commitment."

Sanchez told a story about a student who approached him that day with a problem. She couldn't afford the deposit for college. He said Lamont, and another local businessman at the school that day, each wrote out $1,200 checks to her to cover the deposit, enabling her to go on to college with the help of student loans.

"No one knows about that, because he didn't make a big deal about it," Sanchez said.

Former Sen. and Gov. Lowell Weicker, at Friday's rally:

“Thank God for Ned. He is bright; he is engaging; he has real energy. I have no doubt that he will be one of the finest U.S. senators we've ever had from Connecticut.”

Vote for Joe Lieberman! He worked with me to free Terry Schiavo!
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