Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Saturday, August 05, 2006


All Hands On Deck

Blogging will be minimal for the rest of the weekend. It's far less important now than doing the real work that will get voters to the polls on Tuesday.

If you are in or anywhere near Connecticut, stop whatever you're doing, and come help out.

If you are somewhere further afield, there are other ways you can help.

Rock the boat.
Thank you for working so hard for the Lamont campaign. I wish there were more passionate people like you who actually believes in the goodness of some people and am ready to put in your heart and soul for principles!

For a better world, we need more politicians like Lamont where it matters. Joe should just volunteer to serve in the war that he believes in - ask him to volunteer for an Eye-rack tour of duty!

BTW get him to bring all his chicken-shit (or better known as chicken-hawks) cronies along with him; the world may actually end up a better place it these people practice what they preaches.

Go Lamont! Rock the boat!

Peace and best wishes from Singapore.
Great work on the blog; it's my one-stop shopping center for all things Lamont!
Join the Liberal Democratic Party of the United States of America


I endorse Ned Lamont for senate in Connecticut and Jonathan Tasini for Senate in New York.
The Millionaire Lawyer has betrayed Connecticut and all Americans. He will be held to account for his many lies and misdeeds.
Sorry,all of you are missing something that’s crucial.
Lamont is rather selective in his opposition to wars.
Mr Lamont like Mr Bush thinks that Israel should be allowed to pummel Lebanon until it's reduced to rubble
Lamont stated on the Brian Lehrer show last week that there is no immediate need for a ceasefire.
That is,allow Israel to continue massacres in our name,with our money,our weapons.

Over the past 48 hr despite his considerable resources my web enquiries to his office to clarify where he stands on the Lebanon massacres - despite all the consequences this has for the USA in IRAQ - remain unanswered.
It is not too extravagent to surmise that he is with JOE L and BUSH/RICE also on this?
Some progressive!!
Anonymous @ 7:24 - Please be serious. Your rantings are highly irrelevant.
Nearly a thousand Lebanese massacred,mostly women,children; infrastructure destroyed.
Gaza pummeled,entire families massacred.
Immense War crimes funded by my taxes.
Sorry this lacks any gravitas for you!!
It does not lack gravitas. What lacks gravitas is your argument. We're supposed to support someone less progressive than Lamont simply because Lamont's Israel stance is a little too far to the right?

I'm sorry, but that just doesn't make sense. Taking back our government is going to have to be a multi-step process. It is ridiculous to think that Lamont could adopt a position other than the one he has without getting skewered.

Even more ridiculous is the notion that the Senate has much of anything to do with foreign policy these days. The Senate does not formulate foreign policy. Remember Iraq? That's just one example of our totalitarian executive branch ramming the foreign policy agenda down our throats.

And that's the whole point. This is what Ned Lamont wants to stop. And that's why he's pretty popular these days.
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