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Sunday, August 06, 2006




From a sister in arms in New Jersey. Good luck all - we're pulling for you down here!
With an endorsement like that, I suspect Lieberman should be planning his victory party on Tuesday--despite all hopes.
It looks like we have some nedmentum going here.
Jesus General! I'm a frequent visitor your place of worship.

Pray for these Connecticutites!
Lamont wins means the Dems are out of control.

TW (True Wisdom):
Lamonts wins means the Dems are in Control! (finally)
even they recognize a downer.
CW: A Lamont win is bad for Democrats. A Lamont loss is bad for Democrats.
That's it, I'm cancelling my subscription to Newsweek.
A Lamont veectory means that all of las Democratistas invertebradas weel fight harder against their base next time we threaten to replace one of them weeth a real, fighting, candidate.

Wheech means that we must work even harder.

As for the CW that Ned is pushing party too far to the left...

I thought Ned was a Greenwich Millionaire who voted with Republicans on potholes and such.

Ned is about as MAINSTREAM a Democrat as you will find. Right, there, solid, in the middle of the Party.
It's just as hilarious that someone who looks as Greenwich as Ned Lamont is being painted as the Second Coming of Abbie Hoffman by the media and the Democratic hacks as it was when a moderate Vermont governor was similarly tarred.

Give 'em hell tomorrow. And if you're voting in Connecticut, watch your voting machines very carefully. I hope the Lamont campaign has poll watchers and challengers at as many precincts as possible. You never know what the hackocracy might pull, because a Ned win will make the K Street crew and the consultants look very, very bad.
Do any of these people recognize that Iraq is the biggest foreign policy/national blunder in the nation's history? Isn't getting rid of the people who perpetrated it something the nation must do to survive?
Ned Lamont winning makes Cokie Roberts cry.

Good! Go Lamont!
Jill, the whole problem with the electronic voting machines is that there's nothing to watch. If they're being manipulated, you won't know.

There are voter suppression tricks people can pull at the polls, and you can watch for that, but you're not going to see voting machine hacking by having observers there.
hi... ned lomont is just a bilyinare hippy who wants to smoke dope with sadam husain as he flys his wepins of mass distrucshin into the world trade cenner....

so if the dem o crats nomminate la mont then we no they are real week fagots on nashinal defense an they will give the contry to the terorists so they can go smoke dope with ned la mont...

i like joe liberman he is a real good snator... he is the kind of dem o crat that i can work with...

bye for now
I wonder what will happen in Joe-vember? Will he be the new SoD? The "Party of One" independent candidate? The commissioner of major league baseball?

I hope Steph invites Cokie back for next Sunday's roundtable. :-)
Lieberman must go mashup

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