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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Lieberman's Final Note

The New York Times describes Joe's speech tonight as a last-ditch effort that was hotly debated within his own campaign, and hastily re-written up until it was given minutes ago:

The speech, which was added to Mr. Lieberman’s schedule at the last minute, represents a very late attempt by Mr. Lieberman before Tuesday’s election to neutralize or at least limit the threat that his support for the war poses to his re-nomination.

Mr. Lieberman’s advisers said their campaign had been divided on whether the senator should confront his critics head-on and defend his position on the war with new, more pointed language or stick to his game plan of defending himself when the matter arose with reporters or voters.

As late as Saturday night, the advisers said, it was not certain that Mr. Lieberman would deliver the speech. But aides were furiously writing and rewriting it by this afternoon...

Except there is nothing new about Iraq in this speech. Just more of the same. More equivocation and lack of leadership, like he showed on ABC this morning when he sheepishly called Iraq both "better and worse":

It is better now…it, it, it’s better and worse if you’ll allow me to put it that way.

In fact, the only note this speech contains (full prepared text via Steve Gilliard) is the same exact note Lieberman has been hitting since day one - projection.

One more last-ditch effort from a flailing, haphazard campaign. A campaign which, at it's core, has not been about any issues, but about one thing and one thing only: defending incumbency and retaining power at any cost.

We'll find out on Tuesday if it worked.
I was there for the speech. It was an utter yawner. Joe's punch line was horrific. With his best gravitas, he called Lamont, "a Senator who is going to need training wheels."

Of course Joe should have used "would need" instead of "is going to need". I mean this election isn't over yet, it it?

But I've got to say that I was unhappy filming Joe with Max Cleland, --a true American hero! When Joe made his "training wheels" remark, Senator Cleland was clearly made uncomfortable. Of course Joe didn't notice....
Man, I really wish this was Lieberman's "final note". Unfortunately, I think we'll still be hearing some more from him.

Connecticut People: Please do your country a favor and Go Vote!! Another six years of Joementum would do a lot of damage to our country!
Joe's Speech 2.0. Now with accuracy!
Why is the Lamont campaign not responding to this last all-out blitz of Lieber-lies?

It seems pretty bad to just let all of this go without saying WORD ONE about it. Kinda lends some credence to what Lieberman said.
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