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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


How Out Of Touch Can One Senator Be?

David Sirota asks the question, and hits on one aspect of the ad - and Joe's attitude - that hasn't gotten enough attention:

It strikes me that there is something very telling about Joe Lieberman’s new “don’t worry be happy” ad - something that shows exactly why Connecticut voters are so ready to throw him out of office. The ad asks voters to simply relax and think about all the “good stuff” that ol’ Joe thinks is going on in the world. Do you realize how so totally divorced from reality you have to be to look at the world today and think that by sheer repetition of 30-second ads, you can make everyone believe that “it’s morning in America?”

Joe may not realize it, but people aren't too happy about the way things are going in America right now. In fact, about 70% think the country is headed in the wrong direction:

The ad - even if done well - would have struck exactly the wrong note. And Lieberman's campaign is continually striking the same wrong note. Voters across the political spectrum want accountability, want a change of direction, want real leadership. They don't want more of the same.
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