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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Lieberman Running Out Of Spite For Democrats


What other conclusion is there to draw from comments like these? (major hat tip Scarce):

FOX NEWS: "Do you think [Lieberman] is actually going to motivate Republicans to come out and vote against Democrats?"

MICHAEL O'BRIEN, SEIU: "Absolutely."

LIEBERMAN: (laughing) "Well, I guess I should say they should have thought of that during the primary. But here we are."

Watch the entire Fox News clip here, including Lieberman's warm embrace of Chris Shays (R).

It's clear now that hurting Democrats across the board is not merely an unintended side effect of Lieberman's continued candidacy, but that it's one of the goals of the Connecticut for Lieberman party.

Update: Chris Bowers weighs in on Angry Vengeful Joe:

No matter which reading is accurate, Lieberman's sheer disdain for democracy is overwhelming. As far as he is concerned, democracy is only useful as long as it allows you to remain in power, and now he is just a tough parent punishing bad children who actually had the gall to vote for someone else. This is pure, arrogant, aristocracy, through and through.

As does Steve Gilliard:

Memo to Rahm Emmanuel:

Take the hint, Lieberman is going to fuck your candidates over for spite. Petty bastard. Thought this would work out your way, huh? He doesn't give a shit about your House candidates. He just made that crystal clear, buddy....

Lieberman has to be one of the most selfish pols in modern history.

Vanity and Vindictiveness, that's Lieberman's campaign slogan.
Will the self-indulgent throb wankery ever stop?
Negates everything people say about how "principled" he is. He's just whiny little man.
Lieberman: "they should have thought of that during the primary"

If Lieberman was only focused on winning the primary, as he said he was prior to August 8, why should Connecticut Democrats have thought Lieberman would be focused on getting Republicans elected after August 8?
Wow, I read about the clip earlier today but just watched it now. It's far, far worse than I imagined. I can't wait to vote for Ned in November! Lieberman only cares about Lieberman.
Lieberman should've thought of being a Democrat before the primary. But here we are.
Bush & Lieberman:

Both think they are Entitled to their political standing. A re-elected president with 51% of the votes thinks that is a "Mandate"! A Senator with 3 terms thinks he is entitled to represent his party until He decides he doesn't want to anymore. Both politicians have lost touch of who they work for.

Lieberman is a Democrat no more. His egotistical statement of Democrats should have thought of the consequences when they selected another candidate instead of Holy Joe.

Joe is a party of one, and as such, no expense should be spared to defeat him in November.
Remember, if Lieberman wins, there is a good chance he could get his dream job, Secretary of Defense and head suck-up, and would be replaced by the Governor, who presently is favored in November and a Repug!
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