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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


ARG: Lamont Takes Lead Among Independents

New ARG poll has the race at Lieberman (Lieberman) 47%, Lamont (D) 45%.

Among unaffiliated voters, Lamont (D) leads 47%-45%.

Republicans split 66% for Lieberman (Lieberman), 15% for Lamont (D), and 8% for "Others," (which I suppose must Alan Schlesinger's newest pseudonym).
If these guys do end up debating, i see it helping Alan Gold (and Lamont by taking away votes from Lieberman). Are they debating, i thought they were, but haven't heard anything about it since...
I think Ned ought to be able to make more headway with Republicans.
He is a businessman, after all, who has made a lot of money. He is saying the right things about
earmarks, etc. Even Republicans are sick and wary of the messianic foreign policy, reckless spending,
nutcase social issues of Bush-Lieberman.
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