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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


A "Lateral Move"

Ned in D.C. this morning said a hypothetical Sen. Lamont (D) wouldn't back the Senate confirmation of Lieberman as Sec. of Defense:

Replacing Rumsfeld with Lieberman, Lamont said, would be "a lateral move."...

Pressed on whether he would vote to confirm Lieberman, Lamont said, "I don't think I would."

Discussing Lieberman, he said, "I know the man. I respect the man. He's a man of integrity... but he's been so wrong on one of the biggest issues of the day."

In other - non-hypothetical - Senate confirmation news, Sen. Dodd has said he will lead the opposition to the nomination John Bolton to the UN after his recess appointment last year:

He intends to address the Senate Democratic Caucus to make his case, make a speech to the full Senate and argue against approval by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when it meets Thursday.

"My objection isn't that he's a bully," said Dodd, D-Conn., when Bolton appeared before the committee recently, "but that he's been an ineffective bully and can't win the day when it really counts."

Will Sen. Lieberman follow Sen. Dodd's lead in opposing Bolton's nomination?
Per Scott Ritter Bolton's confimation as UN ambassador is one of the keys to the Bush Admin's plans to bomb Iran. Lieberman will support Bolton or more likely, he will vote FOR cloture on filibustering Bolton's nomination and then vote against Bolton after the Republicans get all the votes they need.
The Republicans need at least five Dems to vote for [strike] this abomination [/strike] nominee. And they can't afford to lose any [Chafee, Voinovich, Hagel, etc].
Joe will first find out how the Republicans feel than he'll do the same and call it "reaching across the isle"! Ned is way too kind in calling Joe "a man of integrity" -- but that's Ned -- he's not a politican -- he's an honest man who truly loves this country and wants to get it back on track again!

If only we had a Congress full of Ned's we wouldn't be spending all of our time worrying about the direction of this country!
I'm currious to know what abominations, terrible decisions, ineffectual bullying, or whatever Mr. Bolton has committed in the last year
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