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Tuesday, September 05, 2006



Looks like it's finally up.

In the first two posts we find Dan Gerstein calling Lamont supporters "over-exuberant" (yes, this is the same person who went on a screaming rampage with a Courant columnist last week) and another blogger calling out Ned Lamont's press secretary on - I kid you not - grammar.

Doesn't exactly look like it will be a "must read."

Update: jacqui at MLN hits on exactly what rings false about this entire effort:

The biggest thing, however, about joe2006.com's new look, is that he has a "blog for joe" sign-up section so you can make your very own pro-Joe blog. Here's where it's really clear that Joe just doesn't get it. As if blogging were some top-down political proposition.

Wake up, Joe! Blogging is the grassroots enabled by technology. Blogging is a conversation. Blogging isn't formed by politicians. People don't go to an elected official and ask permission to blog about them. It's really unbelievable.

There are, in fact, about three or four blogs linked from the Joe2006.com blogroll that have all been created in the past week or two. "Top-down," indeed.
You're wrong; it's ABSOLUTELY a must-read!

Jeez, don't you remember that scene in "Patton", where the George C. Scott yells, "Rommel, you magnificent bastard. I read your book!"

It's like that...only without the tanks.
Oh it's so much worse than just attacking Liz for a grammatical error. The implication is that she (or the Lamont campaign on whole) doesn't know the difference between Democratic and democratic - and than only Joe supports the democratic process. Reading that line, on that website, for that politician caused me to produce a laugh from so deep within my gut that it literally shook my computer's screen.

Really folks, what more do you need to know: Joe Lieberman refuses to honor the results of a democratic election, but his mouthpiece will get himself in a tizzy over what may turn out to be nothing more than a typo by Lamont's press secretary. The most absurd thing, though, is that the typo occurred in a letter where Lamont was signifying his willingness to debate Lieberman and all other minor party candidates.

I also disagree with your characterizing the LieberBlog as not a "must read." From what I've seen the site already has a loyal, thoughtful, dedicated group of commenters who are producing some extraordinary analysis. In my opinion, it's what makes the site worth reading!
One thing that both Joe2006 and Lamontblog have in common so far: Most of the posters are pro Lamont and anti Holy Joe!

It's important to watch this blog to see if Joe does get any type of pro Joe blogger support. I have a feeling that his site will just be another place for pro Lamont bloggers to sound off and pro Joe bloggers to sit back and offer feeble comebacks about why Joe is still a Democrat and doing this for the People, not for Holy Joe.
I posted this query on Ned's official web site, but how the heck do you get into Joe's blog? It says to fill out all info in bold, but I don't know what "AIM" is and have no Yahoo or MSN acct. How come it isn't as easy as this one and other Ned blogs??
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