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Monday, September 25, 2006


Lieberman: NIE Report Changes Nothing

Facts never stand in the way for Sen. Lieberman on Iraq.

Neither, apparently, does the collective judgment of 16 intelligence agencies.

From the WTNH news tonight (video here):

Mark Davis: "Does this NIE report in the [New York] Times change things for you?"

Lieberman: "I'm going to talk about it during the remarks."

Davis: "Does it change things or not?"

Lieberman: "No!"

I always cringe when I see a Mark Davis report. He's really sucked up to Joe in the past.

But, whoa, he doesn't try to sugarcoat this for Joe here. Before you even get to Joe's "big" speech, you see Davis waving around the NY Times and you see the headline "Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsend Terrorism Threat" on-screen for 4 full seconds.

I hate to say it Dangerstein, but even those slow-reading low-information voters are going to be able to absorb that, and that's not good at all for Joe.

Devastating, in fact
What we are not hearing is why we were supposedly succeeding in Iraq, how "stay the course" was working, how the Iraqis had turned the corner to Democracy,

and it all went down the tube within the last six months. And how if we leave now, after having stayed the course only to watch everything fall apart, everything will fall apart.

So, in other words, we can't let our failure fail, until after we're gone. And we have someone else to blame.
I thought that WTNH and Mark Davis did a pretty good job here -

if the other local TV news has coverage similar to that of WTNH today, i'd say that we did VERY well in not allowing joe to frame iraq today the way that he would have liked to via the MSM.

today may have been joe's unluckiest political day of his life, what with the NIE story breaking just before his big iraq speech.
Except that the NIE was a cherry-picked leak.
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