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Saturday, October 21, 2006


The Courant Says What Lieberman Couldn't

That Connecticut - and the nation - would be better off with Democrats in control of congress, in their endorsement tomorrow of all 5 Democratic House candidates:

The nation is mired in an unpopular war. Congress exercises no spending restraint. Lobbyist influence is at high tide.

Little has been done to protect the long-term financial stability of Social Security and Medicare or to promote energy independence. There has been insufficient oversight of the Republican-controlled executive branch. Scandal taints Congress, with members being sent to prison, forced to resign or under indictment or investigation.

It's time for a change to Democratic control to see if they can do any better. Divided government has worked well in the past. Three Republican-held seats in Connecticut are key to whether there will be change or more of the same. Voters must ask themselves if these GOP incumbents can be part of the solution or are part of the problem.

"An unpopular war."
"Insufficient oversight."
"Lobbyist influence."
"Part of the problem."
"Change or more of the same."

What's hilarious is that the Courant will endorse Lieberman at some point, as they did in the primary. After this, though, it will be fun to see what type of tortured rhetoric they will be forced to employ in order to find even the most slightly coherent way of doing so.
How could the preeminent Lieberman Daily NOT endorse Lieberman?

The interesting thing is that things are going so bad for the Lieberman campaign this week that even the Courant is forced to report the bad news.
Will the Courant insist on seeing what Lieberman did with almost $400,000 of cash before endorsing him? They should; its not going to go away with it. If he gets away with it until November 7, not answering fully, thats not the end of it.
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