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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Sunday Morning Round-Up

The Courant's article is terrific.

However, Lamont supporters should take a critical look at The Day's editorial, "A System In Need of Fixing." http://www.theday.com/re.aspx?re=1fecc7ae-3f8e-47f6-9b54-e3246406cf3d

The editorial decries the amount of negative political ads this season, then says, "Some Senate campaigns are setting records for millions of dollars spent, including Democrat Ned Lamont's investment of his personal fortune."

Hello? You'd think from this that Lamont's campaign had earned more than Lieberman's. And always, always the emphasis on Lamont's personal wealth, with not a word about where Lieberman's 14.8 million in campaign contributions come from.

I e-mailed editorial page editor Morgan McGinley about this. His e-mail is m.mcginley@theday.com
Could these expenditures be put into an ad? I think if the voters saw the waste of money that LOSER used, they would blow their corks....after all he is after the conservative republicans..they save their money...not blow it.
@newlondon -- thanks for the email address at the day -- are these people morons? Can they distinguish between someone who is willing to put his money where his mouth is and someone who takes money from a child abuser??????? I'm emailing that idiot. Thanks.
"Upon hearing that Ned Lamont was about to launch his closing advertising blitz, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman hastily called a press conference to pre-emptively denounce ads he'd never seen."

Well, perhaps Lieberman is worried that the Lamont Campaign is fully aware of what was said in an interview with PBS regarding Campaign Reform a while back?

Well, you know, I started to make calls and I suppose fortunately, people generally were responsive. So you keep making them. And I'm embarrassed to tell you that at some point as the campaign went on, I got real good at it. And I got not only so good at it, it began to be a major cause of my mood at the end of a day because you know, I began to realize as the campaign went on and my staff would tell me, "You've got to raise an average of $10,000 dollars a day." Now that's peanuts for a Presidential campaign, but for a challenge candidate for the Senate from a small state like Connecticut that was tough.
When I hit my $10,000 on a day or went over it, I went to sleep with a smile. But when I didn't, I didn't go to sleep so easily.
*You spend a lot of time raising money that you ought to spend being a Senator* or even being a father, a husband, a friend, a son, having a personal life.

I ran against an incumbent in 1988. Somebody said to me, one of the consultants said, you've got to convince the voters of your state to fire him and hire you. Wow, that sounded pretty rough to me, but in the end you do have to do that. And what's the best way to do that? It works, television. Well, television costs money, at least the way we run it today. And that has driven the unquenchable thirst for cash to get on that medium.
The whole link: Plenty of self-aggrandizing, contradictory, nauseating Lieber-speak throughout. Let's elect SENATOR LAMONT. Mr. Lieberman?...You're FIRED.
Sorry. Link, finally:

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