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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Lamont in Hamden

Over 100 people (and two Lieberman staffers armed with a video camera) saw Ned speak at the Senior Center in Hamden last night, and as usual, he won some converts. Three reports:

Gabe at Connecticut Local Politics was impressed by the level of support for Lamont, and left with this changed opinion of the campaign's prospects:

The evening ended with a standing ovation.

Some final thoughts: Just based on simple math, it would be difficult for Lamont to beat Lieberman (although the combination of Bush's low poll numbers in CT and Lieberman's lowered numbers among liberals make it a little easier). That said, before last night, I had thought it was an impossibility. That no longer is the case; last night, for the first time, while watching ordinary citizens crowd in to the Senior Center and while watching their enthusiastic response to the speech, I actually had the thought that he could beat Joe Lieberman.

The Hamden Daily News recaps the event and profiles some of the supporters in the crowd:

"Joe has betrayed us," said Tom Morrisey, a Hamden supporter of Lamont's. "He's left us because he doesn't think we have the power to do anything about it." At the same time, he said, Lamont has "courage, determination and concern for" the citizens of Connecticut....

A Vietnam-era Marine urged Lamont to stay on point against the war, which drew applause from the crowd.

And rhj at My Left Nutmeg notes the difference seeing Ned in person:

This is my first time hearing Ned in person. I've listened to on line videos etc., but came away very impressed. Ned is a quick study and getting better with each appearance.

If Lieberman staffers with video cameras are allowed into Lamont events, then Joe should have no problem with ctblogger or spazeboy attending his events, right?
"...and two Lieberman staffers armed with a video camera..."

They were there and heard the message...probably it'll mean two more votes for Lamont. :)
If they're smart they'll notice their Senate internship slipping away..
What's interesting is that they even bothered to videotape.

I filmed Ned last night in Bristol, because Hamden was quite a trek from New Britain, while Bristol is nearby. CTBlogger is filming Ned tonight in Monroe. PLUS, CTBlogger has numerous Ned videos online and all(?) of Ned's TV appearances are online at the Resource (except the first Beyond the Headlines, that I know of...but I've got audio of that).

What can they get in Hamden that isn't already available? Will they put the video up on the Nedheads group on YouTube?

Don't tell Joe Lieberman about Google, he might learn a thing or two about Ned Lamont.
Yes, all Ned video gets priority at Nedheads and will of course be "approved". The group had to go moderated because I was getting so much stuff put up of a controversial nature (putting it mildly).
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