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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Why Is Lieberman on the Armed Services Committee?

Lieberman is just sitting on his hands while the rest of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on both sides of the aisle, actually tries to get something done about Rumsfeld and Iraq.

The chairman of the committee, Sen. Warner (R-VA), agreed yesterday to hold a vote on Sen. Clinton's request to hear testimony from the many retired generals who have recently called for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. Not a word from Joe, except that he thinks Rumsfeld's job security is "up to him and the president at whose pleasure he serves."

And today, Senators Collins (R-ME), Levin (D-MI), and Reed (D-RI), all members of the Armed Services Committee, have said they will introduce legislation to tell the Iraqi parliament to form a government soon or else risk the withdrawal of our troops and loss of U.S. military support. According to Sen. Levin, "It would put the Senate on record as urging the president, for the first time, to specifically link the continued presence of American forces to the Iraqis meeting their own self-imposed deadline."

Neither are earth-shattering moves - Hillary, like Joe, has yet to call for Rumsfeld's resignation, and the bipartisan effort to pressure Iraqi politicians is a far cry from a real call to bring our troops home - but at least all of these senators are attempting, on a bipartisan basis, to effect some positive change to Bush's failed Iraq policy. But Joe would rather stick his head in the sand and avoid the issue entirely.

Why is this DINO-saur even in the US Senate?

Lieberman must be defeated!
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