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Monday, May 15, 2006


More Video

The Norwich Bulletin has just put up an online section of short videos of both Lieberman and Lamont addressing individual issues. Good stuff coming from such a small paper.

Watch Joe's answer on Iraq. He looks as if he's providing grand jury testimony: nervous, testy, and defensive.
Yep. He might as well have just said "blah, blah, blah" when he listed off the reasons politicians are supposed to give for running. Such sincerity. "Let's get this damn thing over so I can get back to Washington. Why are you people bothering me?"
Hey, I got an idea. How about from this blog, instead of all the name calling we get some actual information here. How about each day conveying Lamont's stance and ideas about real issues. For example, today, let's hear about Lamont's stance on immigration and how he will go about getting his ideas implemented once elected to the senate. Tomorrow you can discuss Energy.
Hey anonymous, seeing that you've posted here from Wallingford defending Joe more than a few times, why not sign up with blogger and get a username so we can all keep track of which posts are yours?

I just posted a link to video pieces discussing issues. And I'm sure you'll see more such discussion in the future.
Is it me, or does Joe seem bothered to even be lowered to answering questions. It's as if he is insulted that people are even asking him questions at all.
jlsct- Short answer, it's not you. :)

Joe hasn't had to answer questions from constituents for 18 years. He is supremely annoyed at having to do so now. And it shows, doesn't it?
This is Anon. (from Wallingford) Wait a minute, I am just re-reading my last post trying to see where I defended Joe??? OK, finished, still not sure.

Here is full disclosure for you about me: I am an independent so I won't be voting in the primaries. You will probably consider me a right leaning independent. My reason for viewing your blog is to learn more about Lamont. I know all I need to know about Joe since he has been in office for what seems like forever. I do not support Joe, but nor do I believe he will lose this next election. If I were him, I would go independent right now. I also read some CT conservative blogs about the possible republican candidates. I may need to make a decision between Lamont and the repbulican nominee.

So I would really like to read more about his stance on certain issues.

Hope you can accomadate my request.

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