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Monday, August 07, 2006


Lieberman Altered Text of His Speech


Sen. Lieberman last night changed the text of this speech at the last minute in order to avoid giving the impression that by saying he would "respect the decision" of Connecticut Democrats, he might have meant he would actually respect their decision, not throw it in the garbage and run in the Lieberman Party:

The Line Lieberman Never Gave

"If after hearing the truth about where I stand on Iraq, you still want to cast your vote solely on that one issue, then I respect your decision."

Per the Hartford Courant, that line was included in the advanced text of a speech Sen. Joe Lieberman gave yesterday on Iraq.

That line "could have been interpreted as a promise to quit the race if he loses."

But Lieberman never said the line.

Lieberman will be under unbelievable pressure to concede gracefully if he loses tomorrow night. From D.C. insiders, from state officials, from the media, from his colleagues in the Senate and the leadership of the House. All are already involved in distancing themselves from him. Branded a loser, he will gain no traction in the general, and cause huge headaches for local and national Democrats. Yet today, he told Fox News, of all outlets, he was committed to keeping the Joementum alive after tomorrow, no matter what.
I'm not sure we should be surprised. Joe has had his head in the sand for so long he is simply blind and deaf to anything but his own thoughts.
"energyanalyst" - the past is prolog.

If you're really on-board with the Lieberman cause of POINTLESS LOSING WARS, can't you see that it's time to RE-UP?

Your country needs you. Especially if we're going to pursue the "crusades" that you and Dear Leader seem to be so enamored of.
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