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Monday, August 07, 2006


Monday Morning Round Up

Twenty twenty twenty-four hours to go... GOTV!

Imagine if Joe was accurate in his speech yestrday?

Fun with speeches.
Clearly, what Joe is saying is that Ned Lamont hates himself. You don't think that someone who hates themself can be an effective Senator for Connecticut, do you?
I have a question for Ned. Does he stand with the appeasers like his grandfather did in the second world war, or does he stand with the US in the war with Islamo Nazis? Further, will he take the pledge "WE WILL KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL US"?
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Looks like Lamont just lost the "energy analyst" vote. Add that to military industrial complex and corporate lobbyists, and it doesn't look like there are going to be that many people turning out for Lamont. I would note that given that Lieberman has established that Ned Lamont hates himself, the relevant question is "WILL HE KILL THEM BEFORE HE KILLS HIMSELF?"
I am sure there will be plenty of people turning out for Lamont. A wise friend once said "never underestimate the stupid things stupid people will do". The real question is, will having a serial (or is it cereal or mayber surreal) appeaser representing CT do us or the nation any good. Remember:
1. we shouldnt hunt them on their land
2. we shouldnt check their money flow
3. we shouldnt check their phone calls
4. we shouldnt check their bags
5. God forbid we profile
Maybe Ned is right we should negotiate with them. I wish someone thought of that before I lost all those friends on Sept. 11th. If only Chamberlain had considered negotiation, we could have avoided wwII
energyanalyst@3:10 Joe Lieberman's Glorious Iraq adventure has nothing to do with terrorism.

Even worse, the War on Terror turns out to be something entirely different from what we've been told. The War on Terror is a War OF Terror, and a war on America.

Do you feel safer since G.W. Bush and Principles Lieberman has started meaningless wars in the killing fields of the middle east and greatly reduced our Constitutional rights?

And allows Osama Bin Laden to run free, sending us a home video every few months?

I sure don't.
Newsweek: Bush Plans to Cut-and-Run

Newsweek says the plan is to CUT AND RUN if open civil war breaks out, according to an anonymous senior Bush aide.


Looks like Ned Lamont was right about Iraq all along.

How about that?
Oh yes the oh so reliable Newsweek with the promised never to use again anoymous source. I actually do feel safer today than I did Sept. 12th. I go to work every day and havent had one airplane fly into my building yet (depite the hardest work of many democrats in the press to take away the tools of war in the 21st century). I am willing to give up some of my civil liberties if it means I dont have to relive that day. If you believe that Iraq has nothing to do with the War on Terror, you live in a fantasy land--there is plenty of evidence that shows that Iraq was involve with training (remember Salman Pak) and financing. I seem to remember the first bombers of the WTC in 93 had the fingerprints of the Iraqi regime. Further, this was a bad guy looking for a chance to attack with all his toys--he had to go in a world where one attack kills 3000 people just trying to go to work. Frankly, I like the killing fields being in Iraq with our soldiers holding rifles and driving tanks rather than being in downtown manhattan when I'm holding nothing but a brief case.
I am very sorry, but you have been misled. It is now common knowledge that the Bush Admin "fixed the intelligence" around the Iraq policy. There were not terrorists in Iraq before the war, although there probably are some now. There have been about 27 excuses given for the Iraq war by Bush/Lieberman, but they have all been disproven.

I suggest that you catch up on the past few years of fact-finding and truth-telling that's occured. It sounds like you haven't seen a newspaper in several years.

Our country's in trouble - this would be a good time for you to get caught up.
US Troops: Iraq Civil War Has Already Begun


Joe Lieberman is responsible for the Iraq Disaster
How's that Iraq War and resulting instability in the Middle East affecting energy prices, energy analyst?
bagdad joe, instead of citing the same leftover pablum, try thinking analytically. Do a search on Salman pak and report back what you find (also, let us know how often it is cited on msnbc). I find it so interesting that you cite the same wornout anti-war anti-bush stuff to support a very poor position. There were some terrorists in iraq before the war, there are certainly more now--that's the point, they arent here. None of that denies the fact that Iraq was a source of training (it had the premier intelligence service in the middle east) and funding.

As for oil prices. They are no doubt worsened by the events in the middle east, but the source of the high prices is much more related to a lack of investment here in the us. Inventories of crude are at a 5 year high, yet we havent built a refinery in forever, new places to drill are met with increased regulation and legal road blocks.

Dont go on feeling, go on facts.
Speak for yourself, buddy

Whether there were 2 terrorists or ten in Iraq before the Glorious War of Iraqi Lieberation, there are many, many more of them there now, thanks to our "crusade".

Nearly THREE THOUSAND Sons and Daughters dead - for nothing. This is the reality.

Fact: G.W. Bush and Lieberman abandoned the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists for the Iraq Adventure. The Iraq Adventure has zilch to do with 9/11

Joe Lieberman must be held to account.
News Flash:

Lieberman Just Flip-Flopped on Iraq

Moments ago, on Connecticut television, Lieberman abandoned is "Stay and Pray" principle and adopted Ned Lamont's position on the Iraq War.

3000 fathers and mothers died on 9/11 because the previous policy was leave em alone and we'll be ok. We have to kill them before they kill us. To do so over there with our military is much better than over here with our police and fireman.

OBL is in a place where he cannot do anything. He is a figurehead. All he can do is send audio tapes. If the nyt handnt told him how we track his satellite phone calls we'd probably have him by now. That is another convienent wacky liberal rant, but it doesnt hold water. Do we need 150,000 soldiers to find him? Use your head.
No, use your head.

The Iraq linkage to 9/11 has been shown to be specious. You can continue to live in fantasyland, but the rest of us are ready to move on.

To G.W. Bush and the Kissin' Cousin, I say:

Where's Osama?
News Flash: Lieberman Just Flip-Flopped on Iraq

Moments ago, on Connecticut television, Lieberman abandoned his "Stay and Pray" principle and effectively adopted Ned Lamont's position on the Iraq War.

His words are in extremely stark contrast to what he was saying about Iraq as recently as last week. This appears to be an 11th-hour, "deathbed conversion".
I noticed nothing on salman pak joe??? Do you just chuck the data that doesnt fit your agenda?
You're right Joe, it would be a lot easier for us to sit around with our heads in the sand, but 20+ years of that brought us 9/11. Everyone knows where osama is, and he's pretty safe. But it is a global war on terror and Saddam was part of it as is Syria, Iran, North Korea and others. It's a pity it cant all be wrapped up neatly in a 130 minute featur presentation, but this is the real world.
And that is exactly the point

Our military is bogged down in 2 no-planning wars, and now we can't respond to real threats. We are LOSING.

There was NO REASON to invade Iraq. The loss of American life is basically the same in Iraq as we incurred on 9/11, and it's all for nothing.

And, the Lieberman/Bush wars have decimated the US military.

Thus this "Lieberman is strong on defense" crap is just that. Did you see the story last week on how many Army units we currently have ready for deployment?

That number is ZERO.

To people like you, "energyanalyst", who stand up for this kind of self-destructive insanity, I have this question:

When are you going to enlist in the US Armed Forces?
I served 6 years in the USMC. How about you know it all? If you are concerned about combat ready units were you against the cuts in the military in the 90s that cut active units by 40%?

Hey Joe, I still notice that you have everything to say about how you feel, but nothing on the facts.

What we have for our efforts in Iraq is the lack of a country with the ability to project its terror to the us. What we got is Libya, realizing we mean business, throwing in the towel on its wmd program. What we have is an enemy that when it shows itself gets stomped out. Is it perfect, hell no. Would I have done things differently, sure, but I dont have access to all of the data, nor the need to be nuanced like they do. All wars suck (take that from someone who knows), but it sucks a lot more to be in a war when only the other side is fighting.

I surely wish that we could all meet down at the UN and work this out, but I believe, having studied the middle east for a long time, that there is very little liklihood of that working. Some things ARE worth fighting for. The current situation in with Israel is the WOT in a nutshell. Israel gave a little, negotiated a little and what did they get in return? An enemy that is more dug in, better armed, and hates them just as much.

No easy choices man, but singing kumbaya isnt even an alternative.
"energyanalyst" - the past is prolog.

If you're really on-board with the Lieberman cause of POINTLESS LOSING WARS, can't you see that it's time to RE-UP?

Your country needs you. Especially if we're going to pursue the pointless kill-them-all "crusades" that you and Dear Leader seem to be so enamored of.
All wars are pointless. I know it must be hard for you to get through to your pointy head, but we are in a war whether we choose to fight or not. As for me, I did my time. My responsibility is to feed my family. Of course with Ned and all his socialism, maybe I wont have to worry about that.

Again, I see no facts from you people, just feelings.
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