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Monday, August 07, 2006


Eight Hours Until Polls Open

(Photo by Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent.)


Tell your friends to vote.

Get out the vote.

Rock the boat.
Joe Lieberman is Right!

"Of course I'm not saying that our political system should not sometimes be shaken up through the election of a new kind of leader, like Jesse Ventura in our time, or that it should not be open to the fresh perspective of someone from a entirely different profession, a person who has been successful, say, in business..."

-- Joe Lieberman, In Praise of Public Life, page 21

Heed the words of Joe Lieberman. Vote Ned Lamont.
This from the Sixers section of the National Review Online by Stephen Spruiell on August 7, 2006:

- LIEberman said a victory for Lamont will send a message to the country: “In the Democratic Party, there’s no room for strong-on-security Dems.” He said that would be disastrous for the Democrats. “You can’t win in this country,” he said, “unless you assure people" that you aren’t going to compromise on national security.” -

In my opinion, LIEberman, the republican party, too many “leaders” of the Democratic Party, and far too many American voters have forgotten, or don’t know, that it was Democratic Presidents that led this country to victory in World War I and World War II; that it was a republican President who didn’t win, nor bring peace, to the Korean Conflict; it was a republican President who didn’t win, and “cut and ran” from the Viet Nam Conflict; and it was the Democratic President Clinton who “led” the successful military campaign against Serbia in the “Kosovo Conflict” despite the republicans saying his strategy wouldn’t work.

It is shameful that millions of American voters are not patriotic enough to spend as little as one hour a week trying to know the history of their own country rather than relying on the “Goebbels style propaganda” political ads for deciding which political party to support, or candidate to vote for.

It seems reasonable to believe that history supports the belief that it is actually the Democrats who are really strong-on-security, not republicans.

Shame on you, Joe LIEberman, for saying otherwise.

Rick Meyer, a proud LIBERAL
Lieberman's site is back up, but now the campaign ads are linked to YouTube.
Gee, I think a republican won the civil war--like that matters for anything. The reason there has been success in previous endeavors is because there was no on twisting the CINC's arm behind his back. Fight this way, dont do this. In short the oars mostly got pulled in the same direction. Now, if you are trying to say that there is a democrat in the mold of FDR, I say show me. Me, while I look at history, see a bunch of Chamberlains (does he count if he was a brit?)
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