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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Six Hours Left

Just got back from pollstanding in Waterbury. Hot sun, friendly people. Voting is really a civic event in neighborhoods like this. People take their kids, old acquaintances see each other for the first time in a year or two.

The three Lieberman volunteers - young teenagers - at the polling place were dropped off by a van, and spent most of the afternoon sitting underneath a tree talking on their cellphones, ignoring the voters. I wish I had brought my camera. They must have enjoyed the paycheck.

I haven't had time to read the blogs or the news, but apparently Sen. Lieberman's campaign is now trying to make a last-minute big-time distratction by pushing the story of their website crashing. Tim Tagaris speaks for me, and I'm sure the entire pro-Lamont unofficial blogosphere, on this.

I do find it entertaining that suddenly the Lieberman campaign thinks their website is essential to their get out the vote strategy. The site was rarely updated, and not an integral part of their campaign at all.

Update: Matt Stoller sums up a must-read email he got from a technical contact:

Bottom line, it shouldn't have taken the Lieberman camp more than an hour to fix this.

I'm literally sick to my stomach that this is becoming an issue in this campaign. Having woken up at 4:30am this morning and volunteered nonstop since, perhaps it's a physical as much as an emotional reaction. But this race is about real, life-or-death issues. And to see those shoved aside once again, no matter who (if anyone) is at fault, for mindless media coverage of an issue like this at the last minute, makes me physically ill.

But I'm going to work that much harder for the rest of the day. This is too important.
This is incredible. They've managed to make this the story on election day. Some idiot somewhere may have launched a DoS against their site, and they're using it to start a wild-fire of speculative stories about investigations and criminal complaints and yadda yadda yadda.

What a bunch of pathetic assholes, using something as penny-ante as this to try to cover for their incompetent campaign at the last minute.
Another thought on this: They're not just blowing this story up to create confusion on election day, I'd bet they're also doing so to give Lieberman a plausible reason to assert that his supporters were wronged and therefore he must run as an independent.
What blows Lieberman's sob story apart is this:
They changed the text on the "Under Construction" page twice today. From a default message to Sean Smith's accusation earlier this morning, and then back to "Please check back soon. It will be available shortly. Thank you."

If they can change that page, they can get to their server account. If they can do that, they can bring joe2006.com back. Even if there are some details I'm missing, they could have contracted with a new provider and retargeted the DNS within an hour.

Joe's keeping it down to milk the "angry bloggers hacked me" lie all day, so he has a crutch with which to stumble off on his new life in the Connecticut for Lieberman Party.
Whatever you may believe about whether Lamont or Lieberman is better, I invite you all to join me for a special Latin Mass for Joe.
I wouldn't worry about the website story much. I doubt it will sway many voters and it just makes Lieberman's staff look incompetent. The voters aren't as stupid as the mainstream media (they couldn't be and still breathe unaided).
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